Space Station Dome Tent Review

Space Station Dome Tent Review

Planning for hiking or climbing on the top of a cliff, you will definitely need to rest at several locations before the destination. It is very common that climbers establish a base camp at a location prior to start the final climb of the cliff. The more you feel comfortable and relax your muscles the more you will save your energy and refresh yourself for the hardest part of the cliffing adventure.

For this purpose, the space station dome tent also called the mountain hardware space station must be your best choice to buy and take during your adventure hunt on mountains, jungle or in the deserts. This tent is rationally attractive due to its appealing design, capacity and convenient handling.

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The space station dome tent can be more beneficial if you have more than at least 10 companions in your journey. It is designed to accommodate ideally 15 persons but if you are with close friends, the accommodation can easily reach to 20 persons.

You must also know about some specs of this tent before you get effectuated by the space station dome tent. The tent provided you the base area of about 284 square ft. when installed with full diameter. Similarly, you can enter the dome-shaped tent from three doors. The weight of this tent is set to be around 63 pounds.


The Positives Of The Space Station Dome Tent


Apart from the ease you can get while living in this tent, you must also learn that key benefits associated with its technical design. The in-depth assessment of the specs and usefulness of this tent can certainly help you figure out  what should be taken along on a hiking excursion.

The climbing missions generally require close collaboration of all the members throughout the day. Therefore, if you stay separately at night in your individual tents, you will get the challenge of less communication with the others. The space station dome tent provides the opportunity for up to 20 people to live in a single tent and enjoy their stories and plans with the delicacies they have.

The other benefit of taking the single tent with you during the adventure is its carriage and weight. Although the 63 ponds heavy tent will not be easy for you to carry alone, instead of carrying each tent by each member, a single tent for all members will be handy despite its weight.

On top of the other pros this tent has, the smartest and sleek design makes it prone to resist the natural variations in weather, especially the wind. Its weight can still be a hurdle to carry but it is far much beneficial in enhancing its durability and grip with the ground after installation at a rough surface and in extreme conditions.

Things To Be Considered With The Space Station Dome Tent


The price of the space station dome tent can cause some to be reluctant to purchase. It is available in the market with the price range starting at US$5,000. Before making this purchase, you will have to think about whether it fits your budget.

There are many people who care about their privacy in personal life as well as during recreational activities. This tent is not an attraction for such people because it can accommodate around 20 people at a time and their privacy can definitely be affected by living with other people in a single shared place.

The diameter of the tent is 19 ft. and this length can get complicated at peaks and uneven surfaces when you’re trying to establish a base camp. Such a big diameter and area of about 184 square ft. can indulge you in a complex situation at the end of a day during the climbing event when you get to know that mountainous  surface is not available to provide base required for the installation purpose.

Is The Space Station Dome Tent Right For You?


You can obviously judge your needs and requirements better than anyone else can. However, the accumulative characteristics of the space station dome tent make it the most feasible option in a situation where you are accompanied by your closest acquaintances in an adventure and like to spend most of your time together. The features of sleek designing, durability, space, capacity and handiness for installation makes the best choice of the lovers of climbing, hunting, desert safari or just camping with friends or with family. Click here to view the Space Station Dome Tent at Mountain Hardware.

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